The Schick Shadel Method

Effective Alcohol & Drug Treatment

Schick Shadel Hospital has treated addiction for 80 years with our counter conditioning program, which eliminates craving for addictive substances on a neurological and physiological level.

First used for the treatment of alcohol addiction, this program is the basis for subsequent programs to treat addictions to a host of other drugs, including opiates and prescription painkillers, marijuana, Vicodin and methamphetamines, and now heroin.

Counter Conditioning Treatment to Reduce Cravings

Counter conditioning, administered by our caring, compassionate staff, is the foundation of the Schick Shadel Hospital’s treatment program. Medical research shows that counter conditioning, or neurologically changing how memory associates with the stimuli and environmental cues of alcohol and drugs, is an effective method for eliminating the cravings for those substances.

Because cravings often lead to relapse, Schick Shadel’s highly effective, evidence-based treatment program specializes in the elimination of these relapse-inducing cravings. In doing so, we allow our patients to begin the recovery process with freedom from gnawing hunger and desire for drugs and alcohol. Beginning in this way allows patients to start recovery from a place of clarity and power.

Marijuana Treatment Program in Washington

Usually, marijuana addiction does not require drug detox, so treatment is primarily 10 days of inpatient medical treatment and two 48-hour reinforcement visits 30 days and 90 days after initial treatment concludes.

During the 10-day stay, patients receive counter conditioning treatment under medical supervision, and relaxing sleep therapy to help recover from the rigors of counter conditioning therapy.

Detox for All Types of Drug & Alcohol Addiction

At Schick Shadel Hospital, we address both the physical and psychological components of addiction by helping patients plan a life of recovery without drugs or alcohol. Counter conditioning makes breaking the addiction of drugs more possible than our patients have ever believed possible.

Schick Shadel’s counter conditioning program breaks the stronghold of a craving and empowers patients to enjoy the freedom and clarity that sobriety provides.