Fast, Effective Therapy

At Schick Shadel, we address both the physical and psychological components of addiction, introducing patients to a non-drinking, non-using lifestyle.

Our treatment involves a short period of rehabilitation to ensure that the craving and drive to drink or do drugs have been neutralized safely and effectively. During that time, a carefully timed and controlled program of alternating days of mild counter conditioning and minimal sedation-assisted interview therapy helps relieve the desire for the addictive substance. Gradually, the subconscious memory is reprogrammed to link alcohol or drug use with discomfort and, over time, the compulsion for it is relieved.

The Schick Shadel methodology also incorporates positive feedback from staff and fellow patients, which we believe helps to build up the individual’s own positive attitude. Treatment also includes restoring the natural reward system with nutrition, exercise, and rest.

While counter conditioning does not make it impossible to use alcohol or drugs, it makes it possible not to use. Schick Shadel’s counter conditioning program breaks the stronghold of a craving and restores free will. Our hospital serves patients all over the nation, from California to Oregon and Washington, to even Alaska.