Substance Abuse Treatment Approaches

Effective Addiction Treatment for California, Oregon, Washington, Alaska, & Idaho

In the Handbook of Alcoholism Treatment Approaches – Effective Alternatives, “What Works? A Methodological Analysis" (1990), authors Hester and Miller compare 30 therapies for substance abuse treatment. Schick Shadel Hospital incorporates aspects of these top approaches in our substance abuse treatment program and continuing care planning.

  • Community reinforcement
  • Motivational enhancement
  • Social skills training needs
  • Behavioral contracting (in cases of suicidal ideation or to assist in behavioral change when a patient’s actions are interfering with a positive treatment outcome)
  • Chemical counter conditioning treatment, which ranks sixth in quality and cumulative scores and third in cost
  • Brief interventions, which include counter conditioning

What is Brief Therapy?

As described in “Brief Therapy in Clinical Psychology” (Cullari, Foundations of Clinical Psychology, 1998), brief therapy is:

  • Therapy that takes as few sessions as possible to develop a satisfactory solution (de Shazer, 1991)
  • The deliberate use of a limited number of technical and conceptual principles, applied in a focused and purposeful manner (Wells, 1993)
  • Defined more by an attitude than by the specific number of treatment sessions (Hoyt, 1990)

Schick Shadel Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment Programs

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