Media Relations Policy-PATIENTS

  • In order to retain control of any messaging or representation of Schick Shadel outside of delegated Schick employees and media representatives, the following is requested of all Patients that undergo treatment at our facility:
    • Patients may not speak to the media on behalf of the hospital or refer to our facility in any media interviews, news articles, websites, social media sites, blogs or the like.
    • Patients may not assume the role of an endorsed Schick Shadel spokesperson or publicly speak about their treatment (Schick’s intellectual property) without the express permission of the Hospital.
    • Patients may not take photos or video while they are admitted into Schick Shadel. This includes visuals that document their participation in treatment or another patients’ presence at the facility (with is a HIPAA violation.)

Social Media Policy-PATIENTS

The Social Media parameters for patients are as follows & can be found:

    • On the Hospital wall along with all of the other counseling information.
    • Through Patient Services prior to admissions.
    • On our new Schick Shadel website when it launches in 4Q 2014.
  • In order to preserve all patients’ anonymity, the Schick Shadel Patient Social Media Policies are as follows:
    • Patients may not refer to or title their blog or web page (i.e. Facebook) with the name Schick Shadel.
    • Patients’ names may not be disclosed via Social Media or a blog posting from another patient.
    • No photos or video of any other patients are to be taken, tagged or posted to any Patient’s social media page, including their own.
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