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Phones, Computers, and Visitors Welcome!

Unlike most rehabilitation and detox centers, at Schick Shadel Hospital, patients can have amenities and everyday comforts such as visitors, cell phones, and laptops. Our unique methods have helped our program become the longest running program in the U.S.




Scientific Evidence Proves Schick Shadel’s 10-Day Treatment Program Works!

Schick Shadel is the only inpatient alcohol and drug rehabilitation hospital in the nation that uses medical science, aversion therapy and counter conditioning to successfully treat addiction by stopping addictive cravings in the brain. As a result, Schick Shadel has treated more than 80,000 patients successfully over the past 80 years.

In a recent study, 69% of participating patients reported they were sober 12 months after treatment.**

A Schick Shadel and University of Washington study observed patient’s craving-related brain activity using an fMRI scan before treatment and 4 days after Schick Shadel’s treatments. The study concluded that there was a significant reduction or complete elimination of addictive cravings within the brain. After 12 months, 69% of participating patients were still sober.**

"Nine years ago my life was controlled by alcohol, but not today"

Nearly nine years have gone by since my life was controlled by alcohol. Now when I cry, it’s because of a sad movie or a touching story – not tears of guilt or self-pity. It’s now genuine. My life is genuine.

Former PatientBothell, WA

"Schick Shadel took my cravings away in 10 days"

While playing football at the University of Texas, I was always training and preparing to win. When I found that drinking had started to affect my edge, my research led me to Schick Shadel Hospital. Not only did they take away my cravings for alcohol, they did it in just 10 days and I was able to conduct business from the privacy of my room.


"I've been sober for 26 years, thank you for giving me my life back"

I checked in for treatment one year to the day after my friend Fred was treated, and that was 26 years ago. My best friend was clean and sober. I thank Fred and SSH for giving me back my life.

Former PatientMalibu, CA

"What a blessing to feel and see holidays alcohol free"

I gave you 10 days – and you took away my need for alcohol! I’m bringing my life back! Coming up on one year here, and what a blessing to feel and see the holidays alcohol free! From the bottom of my heart, thank you to everyone at Schick!

Former PatientSalem, OR

"I’m extremely happy with my decision to treat at Schick Shadel Hospital"

From my heart, I’m extremely happy with my decision to treat at Schick Shadel Hospital. Schick’s treatment and dedicated staff helped me to do just that.

Former PatientSnohomish, WA

"Thanks to the medical staff and counseling, I leave with an excitement for the sober life that awaits me."

I came to Schick Shadel hospital with a commitment to myself and thanks to the amazing staff, from housekeeping to counseling, I leave with a love of myself and an excitement for the sober life that awaits me. Recovery is possible. Having the support of knowledgeable, compassionate staff like those at Schick Shadel makes it probable. Thank you SS.

Stephanie BOULDER , CO

"The arrival at Schick Shadel marked the end of my addiction"

Through ‘divine’ intervention, I found Schick Shadel Hospital, and I knew it was the right place for me. My arrival at Schick was the end of my addiction and the beginning of my new life.

Former PatientOntario, CA

"My friends treated at other programs with little success, I chose Schick and now I'm sober"

I chose Schick Shadel Hospital because I had friends who treated at traditional programs with little success. I am now sober and I owe it all to the staff and the treatments.

Former PatientFederal Way, WA

"Schick took away my cravings in 10 days and I could still conduct external business affairs from the privacy of my room"

Not only did they take away my cravings for alcohol – Schick did it in just 10 days. I was able to conduct business from the privacy of my room and my life was uninterrupted – but improved - by the Schick treatment method.

Former PatientDallas, TX

"The treatment made it easy for me to stay away from alcohol"

I can’t thank Schick Shadel Hospital enough for what they have done for me. The treatment there made it so easy to stay away from alcohol – it was unbelievable! My life has totally changed since I was treated, and it would have never happened if I hadn't stopped drinking.

Former PatientDes Moines, IA

"I haven't had the desire to drink in 22 years"

After I left treatment, I haven’t had the desire or another drink in 22 years. Now, many people recognize me, not as a drunk, but as a successful community provider.

Former PatientPortland, OR

"In 10 days it was like they pressed my reset button and stopped the cravings"

I went to Schick Shadel Hospital and in just 10 days, it was like they pressed my “reset button.” I was returned to a life of possibility rather than despair. Thank you, Schick Shadel Hospital.

Former PatientSeattle, WA

"My life is in order and my confidence has been restored"

I am now alcohol-free, and I owe all of my thanks to the caring and professional staff at Schick. I feel good now. My life is back in order, and my confidence and self-esteem have been restored.

Former PatientFairbanks, AK

"Before the treatment, I couldn't imagine a life without drinking"

Before my treatment at Schick Shadel, I couldn't imagine my life without drinking. In just 10 days, my life was transformed and I have rediscovered how great life can be.

Former PatientSpokane, WA

"In just 10 days I was back at work with a new and better life"

It was hard to admit to my union representative that I needed help, but once we started talking, I realized he was in my corner all the way. In no time at all, he was able to arrange with our insurance for me to take a two week absence and a stay at Schick Shadel. It was completely confidential. I was back at work with a new and better life.


80 Years of Rehab Experience

We have 80 years of experience doing what we do. Coupled with the #1 success rate for treating alcoholism*, patients can trust our methods to help them get their lives back once and for all.

Treatment Verified by a University of Washington Study

A study conducted by Schick Shadel Hospital and the University of Washington showed brain images (fMRI) before and after aversion therapy. Learn the science behind aversion therapy and why 69% of patients were still sober after twelve months.*

University of Washington Study

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