Schick Shadel’s 10-Day Addiction Treatment Can Help Your Loved One

Love an addict? If a friend, spouse, or loved one is suffering from the medical disease, addiction, it can be very difficult for you and others. First, we want you to understand that addiction is a very emotional disease that affects a lot of people, however, it can be successfully treated. We have treated over 85,000 people over the past 85 years. It may seem like you are alone and the addict you care for has no hope, but that is absolutely not the case!

Addiction impacts all of the important areas of life affecting relationships, family, friends, finances, work and so much more. Many people view addiction as a moral failure, however, it isn’t. It’s a medical condition that can be treated. Scientific evidence shows that addicts have intense cravings within their brains that make it nearly impossible to treat the disease without a proven medical approach.  Please take the time to read through these articles to understand the medical side of addiction and help support your loved one or friend going through the Schick Shadel Addiction Treatment Program. This information will help you view addiction differently and shed a different light on the disease.

brain before and after chemical aversion therapy scan

Understanding the science behind addiction can help you see it logically vs emotionally.

In a research study conducted by Schick Shadel Hospital and the University of Washington, craving-related brain activity was showcased with fMRI scans. You can see in this image how an addicts brain was lit up with red showing the brain related cravings. After four chemical-aversion therapy treatments at Schick Shadel hospital another image was taken of the brain and we can see that the brain-related cravings were significantly reduced. The best news of it all is that 69% of participating patients reported they were still sober 12 months after treatment. Schick Shadel hospital has been scientifically researching addiction and treating addiction as a medical condition for over 80 years. We can help you get your lives back on track.

Your Loved One is in Good Hands

Schick Shadel Addiction Recovery Program is the longest running program in the United States. Our methods have a proven track record and are scientifically researched. Because we are a hospital, you are welcome to visit and support your loved one. Our patients have access to their cell phones, laptops and can receive visits from you. We are a hospital treating a medical condition, so we have specifically designed the experience to help our patients recover with the external support and communication they need from friends and family.

“While playing football at the University of Texas, I was always training and preparing to win. When I found that drinking had started to affect my edge, my research led me to Schick Shadel Hospital. Not only did they take away my cravings for alcohol, they did it in just 10 days and I was able to conduct business from the privacy of my room.”

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