Schick Shadel 10-Day Painkillers Addiction Treatment

Our oxycontin, opioid and other painkillers addiction treatment program is based on proven scientific research and utilizes a medical approach called aversion therapy. Aversion therapy is a form of counter conditioning. This technique has been medically proven to retrain the brain and stop the addictive cravings of oxycontin & opioid. Addiction is a medical condition, not a moral failure and should be treated as such.

According to a recent study by University of Washington (UW) 69% of participating patients were still sober 12 months after their treatment. We have treated over 80,000 patients over the past 80 years. Our hospital is the longest running addiction treatment center in the United States.

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I checked in for treatment one year to the day after my friend Fred was treated, and that was 26 years ago. My best friend was clean and sober. I thank Fred and SSH for giving me back my life.

Former PatientMalibu, CA

I gave you 10 days – and you took away my need for alcohol! I’m bringing my life back! Coming up on one year here, and what a blessing to feel and see the holidays alcohol free! From the bottom of my heart… thank you to everyone at Schick!

Former PatientSalem, OR

From my heart, I’m extremely happy with my decision to treat at Schick Shadel Hospital. Schick’s treatment and dedicated staff helped me to do just that.

Former PatientSnohomish, WA

I came to Schick Shadel hospital with a commitment to myself and thanks to the amazing staff, from housekeeping to counseling, I leave with a love of myself and an excitement for the sober life that awaits me. Recovery is possible. Having the support of knowledgeable, compassionate staff like those at Schick Shadel makes it probable. Thank you SS.

Stephanie Boulder , CO

Not only did they take away my cravings for alcohol – Schick did it in just 10 days. I was able to conduct business from the privacy of my room and my life was uninterrupted – but improved - by the Schick treatment method.

Former PatientDallas, TX

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