Fentanyl Discovered on Pills Linked to Deadly Opiate Overdose in King County

Fentanyl Discovered on Pills Linked to Deadly Opiate Overdose in King County

Posted By Schick Shadel Hospital || Oct 3, 2017

Health officials reported that fentanyl was found in the possession of someone who died of an opiate overdose in King County last week.

According to officials, the drug was detected in fake oxycodone pills they found in a bag carried by the deceased person. Local officials are worried that more drugs in King County may contain fentanyl, a drug that is approximately 50 to 100 times more powerful than heroin.

"The risk of overdose from fentanyl and this latest batch of fake pills reinforces the need for users to be aware that fentanyl is circulating in our community and may be hidden in pills and other illicit drugs," King County Public Health wrote in a blog post earlier this week. "To prevent accidental overdose, illicit drug users should not use alone and should carry naloxone, the medication that can reverse an overdose. And, the best way to protect your health is to be treated for addiction.”

Fentanyl is so potent that a police officer in Ohio overdosed after just touching a white powder that was likely fentanyl.

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