Behavioral Changes to Help Cut Addiction

Behavioral Changes to Help Cut Addiction

Posted By Schick Shadel || May 4, 2016

friendsThere are plenty of different types of addictions people have. For some, it’s food. Others may be addicted to certain habits. Unfortunately, some are more serious and can cause life-altering changes. This is usually the case with drug or alcohol addiction. What helps to break the cycle of addiction, though?

A New York Times post discusses the Pavlok device’s potential for altering behavior and cutting addiction. The wristband is worn by the addicted individual and if he or she engages in the habit to which they are addicted, the Pavlok would provide a shock. The severity of the shock depends on the user’s preference and can reach 450 volts.

This is a form of treatment to change behavior and associate the addiction with a negative feeling.

The method falls in line with the counter conditioning therapy offered at Schick Shadel. For over 80 years, our drug and alcohol rehab and treatment center has used a form of behavioral change method to help more than 65,000 overcome addiction. Dr. Kalyan Dandala, our medical director, believes that gadgets such as the Pavlok can be effective, but it should be used in a supervised setting. He says,

It’s better suited as a prescribed tool for behavior modification. The company needs to refine it, put more education in the tool, and have more oversight.

For individuals who may be dealing with severe drug or alcohol addictions, the counter conditioning treatment offered at Schick Shadel may be the perfect option. Our program lasts just 10 days and focuses on the root of the addiction to help you overcome the obstacles you currently face. We are confident in what we do and how we can help you. Give us 10 days and we’ll give you back your life. Call us today.

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