Signs of Addiction

Signs of Addiction

Posted By Schick Shadel || Jun 2, 2016

man drinkingWhether you or someone you love is struggling with drug or alcohol addiction, it is important to recognize the signs so you can take the steps to help. Addiction is a serious situation that affects countless Americans for a number of reasons. Perhaps they started using a drug in order to be socially accepted into a group of friends, or as a way to deal with life’s problems. Maybe drug dependency began after a person was on pain medication and they felt the need to use the drug as a means to help get rid of the pain. Alcoholics often start drinking to have fun at parties, but then they may begin drinking heavily while they are alone.

Whatever the case may be, taking the time to become aware of the addiction and knowing the signs is important. If you are addicted to drugs or alcohol, knowing the signs may give you the incentive you need to turn your life around. If your loved one is addicted, you can know when to help them by knowing the signs of addiction, as well as the adverse effects on this person’s life. At Schick Shadel, our Seattle drug and alcohol addiction treatment center is designed to target the root of addiction. If you notice signs of addiction in yourself or someone you love and you believe our counter conditioning method may be of help to you, we’re ready to guide you on the path to sobriety.

Built Up Tolerance

Oftentimes, when someone becomes addicted to a drug or alcohol, they build a tolerance to a certain amount. This means that using the drug or drinking may not have the same impact as it once did. Unfortunately, this could result in the individual using or drinking even more to try and achieve the same feeling they once had. By using more, addicts may put themselves at risk of a potential overdose if they use too much, and overdoses can be fatal.

Legal Matters

It’s a difficult situation, but addicts may find themselves in legal trouble due to their addiction to drugs or alcohol. For alcohol addiction, many people may end up with driving under the influence charges as their decision making is altered. Drug addicts may steal in order to purchase the drugs. Also, addicts who act out in public could be arrested for disturbing the peace, public intoxication, or disorderly conduct. These are serious charges and even possession — if the addict still has the drug on them — can be a possible charge.

Neglecting Responsibilities

Because individuals reach a certain point in their addiction where they become dependent on alcohol or drugs, they may neglect their other responsibilities such as work or school. In severe situations, this can also mean neglecting parental responsibilities or commitments to others. This can cause tension between you, your friends, and your family, hurting the relationships you have with them as well. Addicts may also abandon the activities they use to enjoy doing, such as sports or hanging out with their friends.


When someone becomes dependent on a drug or alcohol and stop using or drinking for a period of time, they will go through a stage of withdrawal. This means that their body hits a point where it recognizes the drug or alcohol use as normal and when it doesn’t get it, the addict may experience chills, fever-like symptoms, fatigue, and more. The person may also have anxiety, trouble sleeping, or shaking. This often makes it so addicts use or drink again to relieve themselves of the withdrawal symptoms they may be experiencing.

Lost Control

There are times when addicts know that a drug or alcohol is actually hurting them. They may feel weak or overly tired. They may be paranoid, enduring depression, or perhaps they’ve contracted a serious condition due to sharing needles for their drug use. Despite all this, they may still use an excessive amount of drugs or drink more alcohol than they intended. Addicts often feel powerless to the situation because of the feeling they achieve, despite the dangers they know they face.

If you or someone you love has a problem with addiction, it’s not too late to take action. You have the choice to make a change in your life and seek the help you need. At Schick Shadel, we have helped more than 65,000 people defeat addiction. We have been providing drug and alcohol addiction treatment for over 80 years and have developed a method proven to work. If you need help, we can be trusted to be by your side throughout the entire process.

Call us today. Give us 10 days, and we’ll give you back your life.

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