Four Shot, Three Dead in Trailer Where Drugs Were Found

Four Shot, Three Dead in Trailer Where Drugs Were Found

Posted By Schick Shadel || Jun 30, 2016

police tapeLast week, detectives responded to a 911 call after four people — three men and one woman — were shot in a trailer near Lacey. According to reports, the woman and two of the men died, while the other man was shot in the chest and taken to the hospital where he was in stable condition.

Detectives began their investigation shortly after and discovered firearms and several thousand dollars in cash, along with heroin and a half-pound of methamphetamine. At the time, law enforcement was not claiming the crime as drug related, but they did note that the location is in an area known for narcotics transactions. They also believed that the methamphetamine they discovered was not manufactured at the location of the crime.

There was no suspect immediately identified.

It appears the 911 call was made by the man who had been wounded as he told dispatchers he had been shot, he didn’t know where he was, and his friends were dead. The deputies had to use the cell phone signal to track the man’s location. The man was transported to the hospital, but detectives were unable to gather information from him as he had just undergone surgery and was unable to discuss the details of what happened.

While there were weapons and drugs located in the trailer, there was no word on whether the drugs related to the crime and detectives believe that none of the weapons they found were the murder weapon. They did not find the gun used to commit the crime at the scene.

Schick Shadel is saddened by these developments and the loss of life within our community.

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