Why You Shouldn't Wait Until Rock Bottom to Get Treatment

Why You Shouldn't Wait Until Rock Bottom to Get Treatment

Posted By Schick Shadel || Jul 8, 2016

Schick ShadelWhen discussing addiction, most people mention the term “rock bottom.” This is what people often say regarding individuals suffering from addiction, claiming that they have to hit until they are ready to undergo treatment. The concept behind it is that person has to lose everything, but what does it really mean to “hit rock bottom?” Why does someone have to wait before they get treatment? Is it wise for someone to be arrested or lose their marriage before they seek the guidance they need to reach sobriety? At the end of the day, it is absolutely crucial for the person dealing with the addiction to get treatment as soon as possible.

First, consider alcoholism. When someone is addicted to alcohol, rock bottom may be getting a DUI or causing a serious injury because they were driving drunk. This can also include lost relationships, losing a job, and more. Waiting for something like this to happen may result in losing a support system that is oftentimes essential to sobriety. For instance, if your alcohol addiction has led your family to leave you, who will be there to help support you through your battle? This is when waiting for rock bottom can do more harm to your already difficult situation.

If someone is dealing with a drug addiction, what constitutes as rock bottom? Is it the same as alcoholism, or is it something much worse like experiencing an overdose? By this time, it may too late as overdose can result in death, as has been the case for countless others who have been addicted to some kind of drug. Excess use of drugs is not the answer to finally make the change in your life. It poses many dangers to your life and to those around you, especially if the person with the addiction becomes violent in any given situation.

By waiting for rock bottom, it means you are prolonging the use of the drug or alcohol, something that is not recommended. The longevity of the addiction may play a direct role in the difficulty of stopping the addiction in its tracks. If someone continues to use drugs or drink alcohol for a long period of time, it could make the withdrawals worse and make it more difficult to stop. It may often make it more difficult to rebuild the relationships the person had as addiction has most likely strained the bond you once had with loved ones and friends close to you.

Most people feel that an addict must hit rock bottom before they are “ready” to get treatment, but that is just not the case. It is usually more difficult to reach sobriety and the road to recovery the longer the addiction lasts. At times, rock bottom may be too late because of the potential for overdose or serious illnesses the addict may develop. Don’t let the misconception stop you from getting the help you need if you are seriously addicted to alcohol or drugs. It is not worth the struggle and the loss of some important factors in your life.

When someone approaches you about getting help, consider that your “rock bottom.” Consider yourself reaching a point where others have taken notice of your trouble and that it is time to get the help you need before it is too late. Don’t wait until something serious happens. Call Schick Shadel today and learn how more than 65,000 people have reached sobriety with our help. If you are looking for a drug or alcohol treatment center, we are the team to help you.

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