Premera Contract With Providence Not Renewed for 2017

Premera Contract With Providence Not Renewed for 2017

Posted By Schick Shadel Hospital || Jul 21, 2016

In an unfortunate turn of events for approximately 500,000 Washington patients, Providence Health & Services announced on July 20 that they are not going to renew their commercial health insurance contract with Premera Blue Cross for 2017.

Starting January 1, 2017, patients under Premera’s coverage plan will no longer be able to use their insurance at Swedish Medical Center, Kadlec Regional Medical Center, and Providence sites, or any affiliated clinics and doctors in Washington State.

This decision came after contract negotiations failed, according to Providence officials. The two parties reached a compromise for 2016 coverage when talks began in 2015, but were unable to agree on contract terms for 2017. The issues, according to a statement released by Providence, included standard contracting terms, rates, and, “the development of a quality incentive program that aligns our work with the goals established at the state and federal level for advancing high quality, accessible health care.”

In a statement released by Premera, vice president of corporate communications Steve Kipp said, “Specifically, these major providers have committed to more aggressively control costs, improve the quality of care with performance-based payments and enhance the patient experience.”

Schick Shadel Hospital accepts Premera insurance, and will continue to do so through 2017. Our unique approach to detox and rehab allows us to help people beat their addictions by training their brains to look at the substances in a new way, and by modifying behavior with drugs or alcohol. Contact us today to begin your rehabilitation journey, or call us at (888) 802-4206 for a free consultation; give us 10 days, and we’ll give you back your life.

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