Four Tips for Staying Positive During Recovery

Four Tips for Staying Positive During Recovery

Posted By Schick Shadel || Feb 29, 2016

FamilyFor any individual who is struggling with addiction, the process of recovery can be daunting. Oftentimes, it is hard to stay positive about the potential of sobriety, but it is important to have the right mindset moving forward. At Schick Shadel, we truly care about our patients and their success when it comes to getting sober. Below, we have provided some tips our patients can use to remain positive throughout the entire process and when they leave our rehab center.

Keep in Contact with Family

One of the best ways to stay positive during your recovery is to keep your support system close to you. Remaining in contact with your family and friends can help you remain encouraged knowing how many people are there for you. This will also give you the opportunity to discuss any troubles that you may be having with your sobriety.

Remember Why You’re Getting Sober

It is important to remember your reasons for getting sober. Know what is most important to you and keep these things or people in mind so you can remain focused throughout the entire process. By having your mind set on all the good things you are pursuing, you should be able to remain positive and keep control over your situation.

Keep Your Body Healthy

For a number of people, a journey into fitness is one of the most important ways they remain positive. This is because many believe that they are improving more than just their state of mind and addiction. Having full health is important to many people and exercising can be a great hobby to not only keep your mind off of your addiction, but also remain positive.

Be Helpful

One of the things that you can do to remain positive is to help others. Whether you are volunteering for a local organization or helping someone who may be struggling with addiction themselves, being a helpful hand can not only keep you positive, but it makes you feel good.

Maintaining your recovery is important and staying positive is a big part of the way you handle your sobriety. To learn more about our drug treatment or alcohol treatment programs at Schick Shadel and get started on your path to a new life, give us a call today.

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