Preventing Drug Use Among High School Students

Preventing Drug Use Among High School Students

Posted By Schick Shadel || Sep 3, 2015

Drug use at any age can be dangerous, however, teenage years are pivotal in preventing drug abuse. According to The Partnership for Drug-Free Kids, teens are more aware about drug use than before. Whether it is through programs at school highlighting the risks, characters using in shows, or just witnessing their peers, high school students are far more likely to be aware of drugs than the generations before them.

At Schick Shadel hospital, we believe that prevention is key to avoiding drug and substance addiction. We’ve listed some tips on how you can start the conversation with your child or the teens in your life to prevent them from using drugs.

Use Specifics

When it comes to discussing addiction and substance abuse, it is helpful to be as specific as possible. Teenagers are aware of the general “drugs are bad” talk. By using specific information about drug abuse, the causes and effects, teens are more likely to retain the information. You can use news reports or current events to supplement conversations.

Remind Teens of the Effects

Along with being specific about drugs, it can be effective to show teenagers exactly what comes from drug usage, especially with addiction. Whether you use images, videos, or simply talk to them, it is helpful for high school students to understand just what happens when they first experiment with drugs. It is also important to make them understand that all addictions starts somewhere.

How Drugs Affect Quality of Life

Drugs are not just physically harmful, they also take a toll on social interactions and goals. It is important to alert teens just what they are risking when they use drugs. Whether it is relationships, academic goals, or the future pursuits, drug use can have long-lasting ramifications. Let adolescents know that an initial high is not worth giving up their future.

Have Students Get Involved

Often times, despite their teenage angst, high school students tend to be idealistic in terms of life and society. By getting young adults to volunteer at places like homeless shelters, hospitals, and rehab centers, you can expose them to the reality of what drug abuse looks like. By volunteering, teenagers can both engage in helping others and learn about the difficulties that come from addiction.

Commend Teenagers

Talking about drug abuse is good, but also commend your teenager for their achievements. By focusing on what they’re doing well, you can help them continue with success and hopefully get them to avoid drugs.

At Schick Shadel Hospital, we understand that drug addiction and substance abuse are serious matters. We hope these tips can help the teenagers in your life avoid drug use. If you do have a child who is addicted, contact our Seattle chemical dependency hospital today.

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