5 Reasons Why OxyContin Is So Addictive

5 Reasons Why OxyContin Is So Addictive

Posted By Schick Shadel || Oct 21, 2015

Countless prescription drugs available can be addictive if misused. With OxyContin, the problem comes with the way most people use it. Any person who has developed an addiction to OxyContin needs to seek treatment as soon as possible. Treatment and recovery can be the difference between a healthy, sober life and serious consequences. At Schick Shadel, we are dedicated to helping patients understand their addiction and what often causes it.

OxyContin can be addictive due to the following.

Intense, Fast High

Some individuals use OxyContin in a manner in which if the dosage is greater than intended, it can result in an intense high. This is often done through diluting the drug and snorting, injecting, or breaking it up and swallowing it and destroying the time-release element.

Tolerance Buildup

Like most prescription drugs, the more an individual uses it, the more they buildup a tolerance for its effects. When this happens, the individual tends to use a higher dosage or use more frequently. They may become dependent on the drug, thus developing an addiction.

Long-Lasting Effects

As a pain medication, OxyContin provides relief for up to 12 hours because of the high volume of oxycodone. This is what makes the drug so popular on the street. It gives off the same euphoric high as heroin.

Chronic Pain

OxyContin is usually prescribed to individuals who experience chronic and severe pain. When used correctly, it can be the perfect reliever. If used often, though, the individual can become addicted to the way it makes them feel relief from pain.


Like most opiates, when someone stops using the OxyContin, it could lead to depression. This may cause the individual to find a way to get more of the drug and often results in an addiction.

Whatever the reason, addiction to OxyContin can be dangerous. If you or someone you love is dealing with OxyContin addiction, take the swift action necessary to receive treatment. Recovery is a long journey, but with Schick Shadel, you will always have someone on your side to help you move forward.

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