How to Know if You're Addicted to Alcohol

How to Know if You're Addicted to Alcohol

Posted By Schick Shadel || Nov 9, 2015

At Schick Shadel, we are dedicated to not only helping our patients recover from alcohol abuse, but also educating them on the issue. This includes helping them understand signs they may be addicted to alcohol. This allows the patient and their friends and family to take quick action if they notice the symptoms becoming progressively worse.

By understanding the symptoms, it can help you determine if it is time to seek treatment. Our team has listed some of the signs to look for in yourself or someone you love in order to identify alcohol dependence.

Some of the common signs of alcohol addiction include:

  • Inability to stop drinking
  • Inability to control the amount you drink
  • Occurrences of withdrawal symptoms
  • Passing up activities to drink
  • Continuing to drink despite its effect on your relationships
  • Drinking at early hours of the day

Whether you are the individual with the addiction or your loved one has become dependent on alcohol, it is important to know what these signs mean and what could happen if the addiction goes untreated. An addiction to alcohol could last a lifetime if not properly treated and dealt with in a timely manner. This could sever relationships — professional and personal — and even result in serious illnesses.

Another clear indicator of alcoholism is ignoring health issues in order to continue drinking. Alcohol can have a serious effect on your liver and you can develop cirrhosis, a condition in which scar tissue replaces the healthy tissue within the liver.

If addiction is present, it is important to get help from a qualified alcohol treatment and rehab center as soon as possible. At Schick Shadel, we have helped more than 65,000 patients in our 80+ years. Contact us today to learn about our counter conditioning method and how it can help you or your loved one.

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