The Benefits of Counter Conditioning

The Benefits of Counter Conditioning

Posted By Schick Shadel Hospital || May 27, 2015

At Schick Shadel Hospital, we employ counter conditioning treatments. We have found that this method is often more effective than counseling only methods and traditional 12-step programs for overcoming chemical dependency.

What exactly is counter conditioning?

Counter conditioning is a chemical dependency treatment that uses rehabilitation interviewing (a type of sedation therapy). Counter conditioning targets the physiological cravings addicts have and complements this with counseling. Most addicts would reason themselves out of addiction if they could, but are unable to do so because of physiological cravings. Counter conditioning addresses those cravings.

Traditional Treatment vs. Counter Conditioning

While we do not exclude counseling that addresses the cognitive side of addiction, we have found that traditional treatments alone are usually insufficient at combating addiction in the long term. Traditional chemical dependency treatment focuses on the thinking and reasoning behind addiction, which is certainly important, but misses the bigger picture.

Counter conditioning combines cognitive treatment methods with treatments that target a person’s physiological and biological dependence on drugs and/or alcohol. This scientifically-developed approach can also help minimize the pain an addict can experience from withdrawal.

How is our counter conditioning program unique?

Schick Shadel Hospital’s counter conditioning program is unique for a number of reasons, including:

  • We are a hospital, so we can address a patient’s medical needs that arise during the detox process
  • Our physicians and staff offer patients medication to help assuage withdrawal symptoms
  • We supplement treatments with nutritional repair
  • Following up with patients after they complex the detox process

Interested in learning more about our unique, 10-day, counter conditioning programs for chemical dependency? Contact Schick Shadel Hospital today!

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The Benefits of Schick Shadel:

  • Fast 10-Day Inpatient Program

  • Over 65,000 Patients Treated

  • Not a 12-Step Based Program

  • Medical Hospital with MDs and RNs

  • Addiction is Treated as a Medical Condition

  • Most Insurance Accepted

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