Struggling with Chemical Dependency During the Holidays

Struggling with Chemical Dependency During the Holidays

Posted By Schick Shadel || Dec 22, 2015

For a number of individuals, the holidays are a time for cheer, happiness, and building great memories. Families often come together and spend joyous time with their loved ones. This is not the case for everyone, though, especially when chemical dependency is involved.

Oftentimes, individuals who are dependent on their addictions spend their time alone or may be disassociated from their families. This can make the holidays a depressing time. If this is the case, it is important to know that things can change. Chemical dependency is not a lifelong sentence that leaves individuals without their loved ones. It is something that can be treated and removed from a person’s lifestyle.

At Schick Shadel, we know that the holidays can be a difficult time for anyone who has an addiction or chemical dependency. It is our goal to help you understand our alcohol and drug addiction treatment center so you can have hope moving forward. Our team is dedicated to helping you enjoy a new life in just 10 days.

The holidays are the perfect time to seek rehab and a life of sobriety because you can have the full support of your friends and family. You will have the opportunity to participate in various activities that can help keep your mind off your chemical dependency and all the things to which you are addicted. If you are looking for hope during this difficult time, you can count on us to help you.

Our team has helped more than 65,000 over the past 80 years. We know the methods to help our patients find the road to recovery and stay the course for the long run. Our staff consists of doctors and nurses who understand your needs and counselors who can help you get to the root of your problem and get rid of addiction completely. Call us today and let us help you enjoy the holidays.

The Benefits of Schick Shadel:

  • Fast 10-Day Inpatient Program

  • Over 65,000 Patients Treated

  • Not a 12-Step Based Program

  • Medical Hospital with MDs and RNs

  • Addiction is Treated as a Medical Condition

  • Most Insurance Accepted

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