Welcome to the All New Schick Shadel Alumni Page

This is where our graduates can find out what’s going on to join us as we are out and about in the community.

Show your Schick Shadel pride and tell others about your experience!

This is the best way to pay it forward to others that need to make a positive change in their lives.

Schick Shadel’s Online Communities for graduates can be found below.

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Books by our Graduates

Read Drink Up! How 10 Days Ended a Lifetime of Addiction

I tried just about everything to quit drinking. Nothing worked. I was a binge drinker living on borrowed time – 56 years old with two brothers dead of addiction by their 40’s. My life and health were rapidly breaking down. Then one day I heard an advertisement for a ten-day treatment program that promised to take away my cravings. Too good to be true?

This year I celebrated ten years of sobriety!

My book describes the treatment program in detail. My family and I are forever grateful to Schick Shadel Hospital!

Cheers, Kathy S.

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