The Schick Shadel Approach

Schick Shadel claims a #1 success rate for treating alcoholism*. How do you back up that statement?

Over the past 80+ years, we have helped tens of thousands of individuals recover from their addiction to alcohol and get back their lives. Based on the findings of an independent survey and compared to other, similar studies and success rates, our former patients have achieved success at a high rate. (*Success is measured based on one-year total abstinence per self-evaluation.)

Is counter conditioning supported by research?

Absolutely. Counter conditioning has a base-model from accidental aversion of the brain. For example, if you love a certain food that you eat it consistently. One day, you become sick while eating too much of the same food. This feeling can either stop you from craving the food temporarily, or it can turn off your cravings for the food completely. This has proven to be an effected method since our doors opened in 1935.

What is the hospital’s position on pain management therapy and medications?

This is a difficult situation because some treatment methods may require that the individual go through detox before treatment, freeing themselves of pain management and mood-altering medications. This includes prescription opiates. However, we recognize that some patients may be prescribed medication to help with chemical dependency. This makes the task of treating alcohol addiction a bit more difficult. We do believe that we can treat alcoholism without requiring patients to halt taking prescribed pain medication.

Is Schick Shadel’s program based on the 12-step concept?

At Schick Shadel, we do not focus on a 12-step program. We know that support after leaving our facility is oftentimes a necessity, but our program offers a medical alternative to treat addiction. He offer graduates from our program resources to find the proper sober support for them. This can include Rational Recovery, S.O.S., Women for Sobriety, Alcoholics Anonymous, and church-sponsored groups. We also have support onsite for graduates and patients alike. We also have a teleconference support group so individuals can connect with one another.

Do you follow national addiction group guidelines?

Schick Shadel endorses the American Society of Addiction Medicine and the American Academy of Addiction Psychiatry's public policy positions. These state:

  • Qualified professionals and programs that meet patient placement criteria and accepted practice guidelines should treat those who need treatment for drug or alcohol-related addictions.
  • Addicted individuals should not substitute self-help for professional treatment. It should be considered a complement when directed by qualified professionals. Patients and families in need should not be denied care.
  • Medical treatment and self-help fellowships should be recognized as different by managed care organizations, insurers, and others.
  • Treatment centers and professionals should work with self-help groups to develop a cooperative relationship and recognize these groups as valuable resources for addicted individuals and their families.

My Stay at Schick Shadel

How will I be invoiced for my stay?

You will receive 2 separate bills related to your stay, one for the hospital and one from the physicians involved in your care. If you have any questions regarding this, please call the hospital and ask for the Business Office.

How long is the treatment program?

Schick Shadel Hospital’s length of stay is shorter than most due to our unique treatment and allows graduates to return home more quickly, with fewer days away from their families, work, and other commitments. The typical length of stay is 10 days for treatment, plus additional days for detox as needed.

Is my treatment individualized?

We recognize that each person who treats at Schick Shadel Hospital has their own unique and specific treatment needs. Our treatment team will evaluate your health and addiction(s), then develop an individualized treatment program. Your progress will be continually monitored over the course of the treatment program. Individual adjustments are made to insure that your needs are met and treatment is effective.

Do you accept insurance?

Schick Shadel Hospital’s treatment program is covered by most insurance plans. Our admission coordinators will work with you to verify your benefits prior to admission and are available seven days a week to answer any questions.

Can I maintain contact with my family and work while at Schick Shadel Hospital?

Absolutely! Each room has a phone, and patients may make and receive telephone calls throughout their stay. Patients may also bring and use their cell phones and laptops when not in treatment. Visitors are permitted during hospital visiting hours from 9 am - 9 pm, as well as when patients are not in treatment or detox.

What do I bring, and what should I leave at home?

Schick Shadel Hospital is a medical environment, so think of it just as you would when you are admitted to any hospital.

Note: Space is limited at our facility, so we encourage you to keep this in mind and pack light for your stay. We recommend bringing only what could fit in a carry-on (same as airlines). We provide many of the items you will need, such as the scrubs and robes you will wear during your stay, so you do not have to pack many clothes. Schick Shadel Hospital also disallows firearms.

Note: Schick Shadel Hospital reserves the right to refuse admission to patients who are on certain medications and dosages at the time they arrive. Discuss this with your admission team so we can adequately prepare for your stay.

If you will be bringing prescriptions, you must bring them in their original bottles.

  • We request that you only bring sealed, over-the-counter medications, and only in the amount you will need for your stay.
  • No vitamins or supplements. We will provide anything we determine is necessary after an evaluate by our team of trained medical professionals.

All patients should bring a legal photo ID. If you are using medical insurance, please bring your medical insurance card or any paperwork with your insurance information. If you belong to a union or are military personnel, bring your union card or military ID.


  • We provide hospital scrubs and robes, which patients are required to wear while in detox and treatment. Street clothes are not permitted, so you will not need more than what you wear into the facility on your first day and what you will go home in after your treatment.
  • You will need to bring undergarments. We can do laundry for you, but it is suggested that you bring 10 - 13 sets of undergarments to use during your stay.
  • In addition to the street shoes you wear when you admit, we suggest packing a pair of slippers, sandals, or flip-flops so you have something comfortable to wear when walking around inside the hospital.
  • If you plan to use the exercise equipment, please bring tennis shoes or sneakers.


We suggest leaving jewelry and large amounts of cash at home. We will store valuables in a safe, but if you don’t need it while you are here, it should be left at home.


  • While basic toiletries are available upon request, we recommend you bring the items that you regularly use to make your stay more comfortable.
  • We suggest patients bring their own pillows, which may be more comfortable than our standard hospital-issued pillow with a plastic liner.

Prescriptions and Vitamins

Any prescription medications and vitamins must be in the original bottle or container, and the correct amount must be previously filled for your entire stay. Prescription medication must have the current pharmacy label with the doctor’s name and telephone number, and vitamins must have the original label.

Cell Phones, Laptops and Electronic Devices

  • You may bring your cell phone. Don’t forget to bring your charger.
  • We have Wi-Fi throughout the hospital, so you may bring a laptop or notebook computer. Don’t forget your power cord.
  • You may bring personal work or studies to do in your spare time, but this cannot interfere with your treatment.
  • You may bring DVDs to watch in your room or the lounge in your spare time. We do have a small selection of DVDs that can be checked-out.
  • You may bring books and magazines to read. Again, we have a small library with a general selection of books, magazines, and newspapers for patients to read.


  • Each room has a TV and phone, as well as WIFI.
  • We offer both an exercise room, as well as a lounge where patients can watch movies together or play games. The lower level has a ping-pong table for patients to enjoy, and a library with a warm, inviting fireplace. Curl up in one of our comfortable, wing-backed leather chairs to enjoy a book or magazine, or entering your thoughts in a journal.
  • While Schick Shadel provides patients with three meals each day in our dining facility, a snack area is open 24/7 for coffee, tea, juices, popcorn, crackers and fruit.
  • Ordering in a pizza or meal is permitted, and we encourage patients to bring a small amount of cash for their stay. We cannot provide debit card withdrawals or cash advances.


Schick Shadel Hospital is a medium-sized, handicapped-accessible facility, and we offer both private and semi-private rooms.

Located just minutes from Seattle-Tacoma International Airport (SeaTac), the hospital is in a quiet environment, set down the hill away from any street noise. We encourage patients to use the walking path that surrounds the property, with many areas set up for reflection and quiet contemplation. We offer both a smoking deck with a fire pit and heaters, as well as a gazebo area for non-smoking patients.


Schick Shadel Hospital policy does not allow e-Cigarettes or “vape” cigarettes due to recent data about their harmful effects. We offer several smoking cessation options.

Smoking is permitted on the designated smoking deck. If you smoke or chew tobacco, bring enough for your stay, as it’s not sold on campus.

I live out of state. How do I get to Schick Shadel Hospital?

Schick Shadel Hospital has been treating patients from all over North America since 1935, and now, many international patients head to Seattle for their treatment! In fact, many of our patients come from Alaska, California, and Oregon. Schick Shadel Hospital is just a ten-minute taxi ride from Seattle-Tacoma International Airport, and we’re happy to assist you with your travel arrangements.