Admissions at Schick Shadel Hospital

As the nation’s leader in chemical dependency treatment, we serve patients from everywhere in the United States, from California to Maine. Located in scenic Seattle, WA, our facilities are a fully-equipped medical hospital, staffed by medical doctors and registered nurses, all of whom are experienced and/or certified in addiction medicine. We are licensed by the Department of Behavioral Health Services, which can assure our patients that they are getting the highest standard of care.

Our counter conditioning treatment has been developed over the course of 80 years and refined through the treatment of 65,000 patients. Our approach is the most successful in the nation, and uses a powerful medical model that halts the craving for drugs and alcohol. Because our model is based on medical treatment and not counseling and education alone, we allow our patients to keep their laptops and cell phones, so their lives do not have to pause while they undergo treatment.

Benefits of Schick Shadel:

Washington Alcohol & Drug Rehab Serving Patients Nationwide

Our services can include detoxification treatment, monitored and supervised by experienced registered nurses, led by a physician certified in addiction medicine. Our main rehabilitation program is only 10 days long (aside from detox), followed by 48-hour reinforcement visits 30 days after treatment, and again at 90 days.

After the initial 10 day treatment, we offer continual access to support groups and resources to ensure that your recovery is permanent. For patients who do not live in the Seattle area, we offer the ability to teleconference into our evening meetings (of course, we also recommend participating in support groups in your area as well).

We offer free consultations, both by phone and in person. If you choose a consultation in person, you’ll also be taken on a private tour of the facilities to see all that Schick Shadel offers.

If you would like to set up a free consultation,
please call us at (888) 802-4206.