Development of a Cocaine Addiction

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Cocaine falls into the category of stimulants, meaning it mimics chemicals in the brain and sends messages to the reward center. Similar to adrenaline, the use of this stimulant will increase your heart rate, breathing rate, and blood pressure. In addition, cocaine will cause your blood vessels to constrict, pupils to dilate, and body to release sugar and fat into your bloodstream. This results in an energized brain with increased alertness. Not only that, but cocaine can cause a spike in feelings of fear, anxiety, anger, exhilaration, euphoria, and other extremes.

Identifying Cocaine Addiction

Unlike less serious drugs or substances, even casual or minimal usage of cocaine can lead to addiction. It starts with the body craving the drug and eventually moves to the mind, taking hold of the person psychologically by creating memories and the feeling of necessity. The stimulant provides sensations of happiness or pleasure to the mind, causing it to become more addicted to the experience.

Those who are addicted to cocaine typically become very fixated on the drug, giving up basic needs in exchange. This can include forsaking regular meals, blocking out family and friends, and giving up all career goals and interests.

Cocaine Overdose Symptoms

When a person experiences too high of stimulation due to cocaine, they can suffer feelings of paranoia, panic, and even suffer from hallucinations. These extreme feelings can even potentially lead to seizures and strokes. Over time, the brain will become depressed by the local anesthetic effects of the drug, with coma and death becoming more of a risk.

Offering Successful Cocaine Addiction Treatment Programs

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Our 10-day inpatient program is design to give you back the freedom and control you deserve. Our compassionate staff understands how important it is to break the shackles of your addiction, working closely with you to develop a plan for detox and counter conditioning.

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