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at Schick Shadel Hospital

Addictions are a medical condition, not a moral failure. You and your loved ones are not alone. Over 20M Americans suffer from drug and alcohol addictions. Sadly, drug overdose deaths are the highest they have ever been and now take roughly 59K lives annually. We want to help stop this. Today, drug overdoses are the leading cause of death among Americans under 50. Schick Shadel, a drug addiction treatment center, has helped over 80,000 reclaim their lives and live drug and alcohol free.

What is Aversion Therapy?

Aversion therapy is a form of counter conditioning that helps remove cravings. The repetitious act of drug or alcohol use just strengthens the memory. Like a hard drive or digital camera, physical experiences stored in memory can be played back when triggered. Addiction builds associations in the brain that become embedded in short and long-term memory.

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