Safe Addiction Treatment Facility
& Environment

Schick Shadel Hospital's current facility was built in 1965. Our facility is medium-sized and handicap accessible, with private and semi-private rooms offered. Located just minutes from SeaTac Airport, the hospital is in a quiet environment, set down the hill away from any street noise. A walking path goes all around our property, with many areas set up for reflection and quiet contemplation, or simply to enjoy the outdoors. We have a smoking deck with heaters, as well as a gazebo area for non-smoking patients.

Discretion and confidentiality of medical records

We respect your personal privacy and confidentiality, and we follow the standards established for the medical industry.


The cost of Schick Shadel Hospital’s treatment program is covered by most insurance. Our admission counselors will work with patients to verify their benefits prior to admission.

Dietary services

All meals and snacks are provided on a daily basis, served in the cafeteria. A registered dietitian is available for consultations and education.


Each room has a TV, DVD player, phone, and Wi-Fi. Patients are allowed to bring their cell phones and computers, so they can keep in touch with their business, family, and friends. We also allow visitors.

Our facility has an exercise area, as well as a lounge where patients can watch movies together or play games. The lower level has a warm, inviting fireplace. Curl up next to the fireplace in one of our comfortable wing-backed leather chairs to enjoy your favorite books and magazines, or just take a few minutes to enter your thoughts in a journal.

A snack area is open 24/7 for coffee, tea, juice, popcorn, crackers, and fruit. Our dining room serves complete meals three times a day. In addition, patients sometimes enjoy ordering pizza or a meal out, so we have a large list of take-out menus from local area restaurants who will deliver.

On-site parking is limited. We ask that you get a ride to the hospital so that you do not have to house your vehicle here for more than 10 days.

What to Bring

Note: Pets are not allowed on Hospital grounds unless they are documented service animals.

Note: We have very limited space for storage, so please keep this in mind while packing. We have space to accommodate approximately the same size carry-on that airlines do. You won’t need much, as we provide most of what you need since it’s a hospital environment, and you will be wearing scrubs and robes during your stay (No street clothes are worn once you are admitted). Please see the list below regarding what to bring.

Note: there are NO firearms allowed in our building or on our property.

Note: You may not be able to be admitted if you are on certain medications and dosages. Please be sure to let our Admissions team know your entire list of prescribed medications as well as dosages so that we can prepare to effectively take care of you when you arrive.

It’s very important to bring in all medicine in original prescription bottles.

  • No open over-the-counter medicines are accepted – only bring in sealed over-the-counter medications in their original bottles, and only bring the amount you will need for your stay
  • Do not bring vitamins or supplements, as we will provide vitamins as necessary based upon the evaluation by our medical staff
  • Undergarments
  • Footwear (slippers, flip flops)
  • Toiletries
  • If you smoke, you can bring cigarettes for your stay (there is a local vendor that will deliver for a surcharge)
  • Cell-phone and charger (if needed)
  • Laptop (we also have a computer in the Patient Lounge)
  • Pillow, as you may sleep better on your own pillow rather than the hospital’s
  • Insurance card (if applicable), driver’s license, and payment

If you have further questions, please feel free to contact one of our Admissions Coordinators at (206) 244-8100.

At Schick Shadel Hospital, you’ll find that our staff does all we can to offer a safe, relaxing environment for addiction recovery. We provide a place where you can concentrate on the Schick Shadel Hospital Counter Conditioning program, then get back to the real you: free of cravings, free of addictions, and once again enjoying your life.

Once you have completed the first 10 day program, you receive a 30-day recap and a 90-day recap as part of your treatment plan. Note: You must complete your 30 and 90 day recaps within the allotted time frame in order to graduate from the program, unless you have special permission.