Schick Shadel's 10-day aversion therapy program provides alcohol treatment and drug addiction treatment that helps people eliminate the cravings!

Schick Shadel’s Patient Experience

Our 10-day addiction treatment for drug and alcohol rehabilitation consists of aversion therapy (a form of counter conditioning), sedation therapy, individual counseling and group/educational lectures. The program also includes studying the philosophy of The Four Agreements: A Practical Guide to Personal Freedom, written by Don Miguel Ruiz. Many patients come to Schick Shadel Hospital for alcohol treatment or for help with other drug addictions. The 10-day aversion therapy program effectively removes the craving that underlies addictive behavior.

Drug & Alcohol Addiction Counseling

The counseling professionals at Schick Shadel Hospital work with patients on a variety of issues aside from substance abuse and addiction disorders. Many suffer from anxiety, depression, childhood abuse, domestic violence and PTSD. Our job is to coordinate care with medical staff to help stabilize the patient’s mental health symptoms until they are able to receive appropriate addiction treatment during or after the 10-day treatment program.

Care Continues after Program Completion

  • You will return for two recaps in 30 and 90 days after being discharged from the 10-day treatment program.
  • Your individualized care plans may include referrals to professionals in the patient’s community for after care.
  • You will receive periodic phone calls by staff on their progress (up to one year).

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