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Issues with drugs and alcohol? We can help! With 80 years of treating more than 65,000 patients, our hospital provides the best way to knock out substance cravings. We believe chemical dependency is a medical problem and we treat it as such, offering medical detox and a cutting edge approach to treatment. We understand your needs, and our doctors, nurses and counselors will provide comfort and care as you transform back into a life of sobriety.

Washington State Hospital Licensed for Alcohol and Chemical Dependency HALC.FS.60238024
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Our alumni are our biggest advocates. With more than 65,000 lives saved, Schick Shadel provides the help & support our patients need to get their lives back. Become our next success story and take a tour today or call for more information.

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I don't know how things went for everyone in the program all I can say is I hope all past patients have had the same success I that I have. I was a heavy drinker eighteen pack a night was not uncomon.i functioned job parent not the best at times but I had a rutiene.i decided that I needed help more than I could do for myself.i looked into lots of programs and found this seemed right up my ally[all or nothing]. so make a long story short, i'm soo thankfull I walked in those front doors I've been solber now ten months may not seem long to some but it's miles to me..i went in a drunk and thirteen days later[would have been ten days but I schowed up drunk and had to detox for three days oops] I walked into a new world free of my vice I personaly have had zero cravings no second thoughts it's like I never drank before my life is normal I guess I do everything I did before just solber now [what a trip] sorry for my spelling but if your reading this your on the right track it's where i thing I ever did great program and people good luck you can do it. sincerely chris in alaska

I'm 24 and I am recovering from a cross addiction to alcohol and marijuana. I went to Schick Shadel in the middle of may and stayed for 10 days. When I graduated the program the thought of drinking or using made me sick. That hasn't changed at all in the last 30 days and I am loving every day of sobriety. There are times where I feel overwhelmed with life but Schick have me the tools to cope in positive ways. Work is great, my relationship with my parents hasn't been this good since I was 16(when I started using). Not everything is butterflies and rainbows but it's definitely looking better now. I'm grateful for my stay at SSH and I encourage everyone who has a problem they can't quite get ahold of to check in. You won't regret it. You'll love it there! My best friends now are people who I met during my stay. The thought of change was scary. That only lasts for about a half an hour. Get in. Get better. Go to Schick

While playing football at the University of Texas, I was always training and preparing to win…When I found that drinking had started to affect my edge, my research led me to Schick Shadel Hospital….Not only did they take away my cravings for alcohol, they did it in just 10 days and I was able to conduct business from the privacy of my room.

It was hard to admit to my union representative that I needed help. But once we started talking, I realized he was in my corner all the way…In no time at all, he was able to arrange with our insurance for me to take a two week absence and a stay at Schick Shadel. It was completely confidential…I was back at work with a new and better life.

Schick Shadel Hospital

10-Day Alcohol & Drug Treatment Hospital

Give Us 10 Days And We’ll Give You Back Your Life

Sobriety can start right now. Because addiction is a compulsive physiological need for a habit-forming substance, we understand that the person suffering from alcohol or drug addiction is suffering from a biopsychosocial disease that needs medical treatment. Our unique approach involves counter conditioning, minimal sedation interviews, counseling, education and tools for support in sobriety. We help people beat addiction by training their brain to look at the substance in a different way by creating behavior modification with alcohol or drugs.

We have 80 years of experience doing what we do. Coupled with a #1 success rate for treating alcoholism*, patients can trust our methods to help them get their lives back once and for all.
Schick Shadel Hospital

A Personalized Sober Support Plan

Schick Shadel helps patients create a personalized plan for sobriety with their counselor and patient services while they are at our facility.

We hold meetings around the Seattle area (also available via teleconference) to assist patients after they have completed the program. Although patients are only here for a short time, they form life-long friendships with other patients as we have a relaxing, supportive, and home-like environment within a medical facility. You don’t have to go through this alone.

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Schick Shadel’s drug and alcohol program has helped more than 65,000 men and women recover and regain control of their lives. Schick Shadel Hospital

Restore Free Will

Unlike most rehabilitation and detox centers, at Schick Shadel, patients can have amenities and everyday comforts such as visitors, cell phones, and laptops. Our unique methods have helped our program become the longest running program in the U.S.

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How Does It Work?

Schick Shadel’s unique methods can help you get your life back in as little as ten days.

Medical research shows that counter conditioning, or retraining the memory associated with the sight, smell and taste of alcohol and drugs, is an excellent way to reduce the cravings for those substances. Because cravings often lead to relapses, Schick Shadel’s highly effective, evidence-based treatment program specializes in the elimination of these relapse-inducing cravings.

  • How?

    We treat addiction as a medical condition using unique and effective methods.

  • Where?

    Schick Shadel Hospital in Seattle is equipped with MDs, RNs, and compassionate staff.

  • When?

    Start sobriety NOW. In as little as 10 days you can be on the road to recovery and a new life.

  • What?

    We use counter conditioning treatments to reduce cravings for drugs and alcohol.

  • Why?

    We specialize in eliminating relapse-inducing cravings for results that last.

Give Us 10 Days and We’ll Give You Back Your Life Get Started
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Schick Shadel is proud to partner with Assessment and Treatment Associates, a leading provider of substance abuse and mental health services in the Northwest, with locations in Bellevue, Mountlake Terrace, Tacoma and Pasco.

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